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Employment Discrimination Case Killing Mistake #1- Working in Denial

Case Killing Mistake #1-Working in Denial

Here is a secret-companies decide to terminate certain employees months or weeks before delivering the dreaded pink slip. But employees need not be caught unawares. By paying attention one can often pick up the subtle clues that his job may be in jeopardy. Some of the tell-tale signs include an increased level of documentation from a direct supervisor and changes in the behavior of co-workers, just to name a few. Recognizing clues like these and responding appropriately are critical first steps toward developing a plan for navigating a workplace issue. An effective and planned response can save the employee's job, delay termination, or place the employee in a position to negotiate a paid severance. Unfortunately though, far too many employees either fail to see these clues or admit what these clues mean. Indeed, only after being terminated will most employees acknowledge that they saw early signs of trouble. Sadly, by then their former employer has a head start in concocting a story to justify the wrongful termination. The stronger the employer's story and the longer that it remains unchallenged, the weaker the employee's case. In contrast, employees help their cases by (1) recognizing the warning signs that their job may be at risk and (2) promptly contacting an attorney to develop a pre-termination strategy.


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