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Severance Agreement

A severance agreement (also called a severance and release agreement) is a type of contract between you and your employer. It governs how you and your employer will behave towards each other after your employment ends. In addition to setting out the amount of money you will receive, if any, a severance agreement also describes many rights that you may lose when you sign it. Therefore, it is vitally important that you retain an attorney to explain the advantages and disadvantages of your current agreement. Moreover, in some circumstances, an attorney can help you negotiate a higher amount of severance pay and ensure that your employer does not harm your reputation or otherwise hamper your efforts to find employment with another company.

Have you recently received a proposed severance agreement from your employer? Are you and your employee parting ways? If so, The Blackburn Law Firm is experienced in providing counsel and advice to employees and executives with regard to severance agreements. The Blackburn Law Firm offers traditional legal representation or more discrete guidance and coaching via our Employee Advocate Program. Please contact us today.