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Employment Contracts

Drafting Employment Agreements

When one person agrees to provide work or services to another person or entity, in exchange for money, a type of legal relationship is established. It is wise to memorialize this relationship in a written contract between the two parties. A written contract is critical for establishing each parties' rights and responsibilities regarding the work to be done. It is also necessary to properly describe the working relationship between the parties for tax and liability purposes. Most working relationships can be set out in a properly drafted employment agreement or independent contractor/consultant contract. Our firm is experienced in drafting agreements to cover a variety of working relationships. Please call us today if you need help drafting any type of employee, consulting, or independent contractor agreement.

Analyzing Employment Contracts

The Blackburn Law Firm can also help you understand your responsibilities under your current agreement. This is especially critical if you are contemplating a move to another company or employer. Before you resign, you need to understand fully your rights and responsibilities under your present employment agreement. For example, your current employment agreement may actually prevent you from taking a job with a company that competes with your present employer. Or, your present employment agreement may prohibit you from contacting your current employer's customers after you start your new job. These restrictions can negatively affect your ability to perform your duties at your next employer.

An experienced employment attorney can analyze your current employment agreement and advise you of any potential restrictions on working for a competing company. Our firm has helped scores of employees understand their employment contracts and devise effective exit strategies that do not hamper their ability to perform their duties and obligations at their next job. The Blackburn Law Firm offers traditional legal representation or more discrete guidance and coaching via our Employee Advocate Program. Please contact us today for confidential advice regarding your employment agreement, non solicitation agreement and/or noncompete agreements.